The View from the Vier Waldstäte See


The early sun above the Vier Waldstäte See paints the alpine landscape with a different range of colors than the rest of the world, covering the mountains and lakes with palettes of rose gold and deep turquoise.

It’s early Sunday morning and the picturesque promenade of Lake Lucerne is quiet. I woke up very early this morning and went to the lake in search for inspiration. I’ve been thinking all night about this first text and had no clue although my head was overfilled with ideas. Then I remembered reading somewhere that every person has a story to tell.

Some stories are born out of haunted past, some report a history of an era and there are those whose tales are legendary or futuristic.

My story is none of the above. It is anchored in the here and now reality, when our Western Judeo-Christian culture is confronted with denial, history revised and adapted to postmodern narratives and Truth has become a liquid perspective – all while many across the Pond are still struggling to keep their world small and precise, afraid to oppose insanity.

What happens when history is being erased? Truth relativized? Free speech policed? Citizens being silenced? Faith mocked?

What happens to a nation? What are the consequences for the individual?

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