Media and Belief


I am watching people around me, listening to their questions and realize that so much information, what we call news, is being censored in Europe. Europeans across the Pond, especially non-English speakers, are not exposed to diversity of opinions, news and information.

The German media acts to a great scale as the unofficial spokesperson of the government. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been tied since years with the SPD (German Socialist Party), which is almost completely supported by German MSM.

French media is not different. Neither is the Swiss, nor the Spanish nor the Scandinavian medias. From what I have been able to assess, British media is dominated mostly by the Left-wing stance, yet the British do enjoy some courageous writers who still dare to call a spade a spade.

Those few journalists who are trying to give balanced reports would immediately be marginalized, ridiculed, or called ‚Äúracists.”

Other thinkers, like the one and only British Douglas Murray, (whose works will be featured later in my diary) are paying quite a high price.

In my discussions with people from all walks of life I realize they do not know what to believe any more. They are afraid to pause tough questions and are lip-sealed about their true convictions.

What do I believe?

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