A Shared Blog from the Swamp and Across the Pond

The idea of sharing a blog from the Swamp and across the Pond has taunted us for quite some time. We were discussing format and content, language and political stance, pseudonyms, swanky pics and smart logos – all of which surely play their role.

Somehow, daily work burdens, family and social obligations have overshadowed our project.


Like many busy citizens in an over-globalized world, we are now confronted with a powerful ongoing, yet dynamically fluid situation.

Launching a blog while ordinary people across the globe are struggling to return to normality after the Covid-19 lockdown; speaking out against “rage” demonstrations, revision of history and rising anti-Semitic stance funded by certain interest groups to destabilize democratic decisions can be a lonely and overwhelming experience.

Writing it together will transform this task in the “Post Corona Lockdown Era” into an enlivening process: for us and our readers.

The need to share facts on the ground, search for the truth, encourage the silent majority not to be intimidated, and to stir to action – ours and yours – are each more urgent now than ever before.

And finally – our deeply felt appreciation goes to those who have encouraged us to explore that new terrain. Those are family members and colleagues, experts and professionals from all walks of life.

We are confident that the current struggles, hopes and strengths of you, our readers, will sustain our work when it needs bolstering.

What follows is about you, is for you and would not be written without you. Our hope is that you will benefit from this blog as much as we do.


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